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Tree Roots ?   Slow Drains ?   Sewer Backups ?

We Can Help !


Complete Sewer and Drain Service

Sinks, Tubs, Toilets, Floor Drains, Laundry Lines, Main Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Video Inspection and Locating

Main Line cleaning $150.00

Secondary Line cleaning(sinks, tubs, floor drains and laundry lines)$99.00

90 day warranty on drain cleaning

We actually clean the line not just clear the line. You will see many companies advertising discount prices for clearing a sewer line. Dont be fooled, there is a difference between cleaning and clearing a line. We run the largest blade possible in the line and take the time to do the job right.



Serving Metro Denver and the Entire Front Range



Purchasing a new Home?

We Can Help!

Before purchasing a home the sewer line should be inspected to look for any major problems. We run a color camera thru the line to find and locate tree roots, cracks, broken pipe, sags or any other problems. Some problems can be resolved by annual maintenance or a simple repair while others may require complete excavation and can be very expensive to fix. 


 Residential Sewer Inspection $130.00 Includes DVD of the line.

(with exposed cleanout)

We Accept Cash, Personal Check, Master Card, Visa American Express and Discover Card

Sewer pipe cleaner - We provide sewer pipe services and pipe cleaning

 About Our Business:



  Fowler Sewer Services is a family owned and operated business located in Denver, Colorado. We serve metro Denver and the entire front range. We strive to offer the highest quality work possible at a fair price. We specialize in sewer line inspection, locating and drain cleaning. We use the latest technology in video inspection and locating. We are fully insured for commercial and residential work.


Our Services Include :

Video Sewer Inspection and Locating

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

24/7 Emergency Services

Minor Plumbing Repairs

High Pressure Jetting

Cleanup and Water Extraction

$10.00 Off Residential Main Line Cleaning


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